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Water Allocation
Q. Why am I not allowed more water on the Tier 1 rate?A. The tiers are set by the current water rate ordinance. They are determined based on the customer’s ZIP code location and the size of the property.
Q. Why is my Tier 1 allocation different from the amount posted on DWP’s website?A. The posted amounts reflect 2-month allocations that occur entirely within either the high season or the low season. If a particular billing cycle includes both high season usage as well as low season usage, the allocation will be prorated accordingly.
Q. I believe my high/low season allocation was not calculated correctly. Why did I still exceed my Tier 1 allocation?A. It is possible to exceed the low season allocation while staying within the high season allocation on the same bill. DWP uses the customer’s daily average consumption to determine these allocations.
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